Event Grounds - Muddy 13 Raceway

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Event Grounds

Event Grounds

Entrance Fee $5.00 each / Children 10 & younger Free

Gate Opens @ 9:00am

Parking Staff in the morning hours will direct you where to park.

Racers with trailers are encourage to park towards the North end of the field.

Registration Open @ 9:00am

Travel speed for any Motorized Vehicle is 5 MPH.  (Please watch for small children darting out from between parked cars.)

No Carry In’s

No alcohol served to minors.  (If your holding an alcoholic beverage and  appear to be underage, You will be asked to present an ID.)

No Vendors permitted.

No Pets

Any area south of the split rail fence is off limits to everyone.

Muddy 13 is not responsible for any citations issued by Law Enforcement personnel.

Muddy 13 is not responsible for any damages that may occur on Event Grounds.

Muddy 13 will not allow vehicles to remain on property after the close of the event.  Unless you have made arrangements with property owner.  (Aj Varga)

Muddy 13 Sponsors are not responsible for anything.

Visitors to Muddy 13 property will address all concerns or complaints to property owner. Aj Varga.

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