Truck - Muddy 13 Raceway

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Truck Classes
Class #1  Stock to 33" tires     
Class #2  34" to 38" tires         
Class #3  39" to 44" tires         
Class #4  Open                         

100% Payback in All Classes
1st 60% & Trophy
2nd 40% & Trophy

Special Instructions
Class 1 - 2 - 3 are required to have DOT approved tires.

Truck Rules

$20.00 per class

Class section is determined by Tire Size and Truck Modifications

Each Racer is guaranteed 2 runs per class.

Classes are run in the order they appear on website.

Classes that need to stage will be announced over a loud speaker.

Roll call will be conducted to insure all racers are present to begin racing class.

Racers are responsible for being in the right place at the right time.  

While in staging, Racers take all direction from Muddy 13 Officials.

While at the Starting Line, Racers take all direction from Muddy 13 Officials.

Races are combined times. (Race 1 + Race 2 = Total Time)

In the event of a timing equipment malfunction a re-run will be awarded.

Your Class selection maybe adjusted by Race Officials based on vehicle modifications.

 Any Vehicle using AG Tires, Cut Tires or Paddles will be restricted to Open Class.

No registration refund, once a racing class has staged.

Racers that get stuck, a distance will be measured to the front bumper and recorded. (Remember these races are intended as a timed race.)

If your stuck and need to be pulled out.  Muddy 13 Officials pull towards the Finish Line.  Have a hook point on the front of your vehicle.  If there is no obvious hook point, you will have to get out and hook your own vehicle.  Muddy 13 and its recovery equipment are not responsible for any damages sustained to your vehicle.

Muddy 13 Officials would like to award winnings immediately following  that classes end.

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